🎻Runners in the wood! 🎼 Tradition!

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It started with somebody saying: “Wouldn’t it be nice to do a hash-a-thon?”  We call a run a hash, and a hash-a-thon is 42 km.  The trail consists of four separate trails of approximately 11 km, give or take a few hundred meters, and spread out over a whole day with breaks in between.  Participants can – if they really really want to – run all 4 legs.  Or, they can run only 3 or 2 or even only 1.  We are a diverse group so each one’s ability is accommodated.  And sticking together and having fun together overrules any competitiveness (which is in any way punished at the end of the day, usually by having to drink a beer, with or without alcohol).

The participants come from the south of Germany, from Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Munich and Kaiserslautern.  One group organises a location (usually with a suitable campsite close by) and each group plans one leg of the run.  We’ve been doing this for the last eight years, so I guess it’s now a tradition.

For A Photo a Week: Tradition  where you can find more traditional photos and photos of traditions.

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