My blog runneth over

… because. books.

25 books h

Open bookcases where anyone can take or bring books are seen all over the place these days. Sometimes they are found in sturdy cupboards,

offener Bücherschrank

sometimes in display cabinets,

25 books e

often they are built into old telephone boots.

offener Bücherschrank

There are always people perusing the shelves to see if some book whets their appetite.

25 books i

And sometimes they leave already poring over the first pages of their new reading material.

25 books j

Some readers need a proper place and other creature comforts before they settle down with a book.

25 books k

Some people need company, even if it is inanimate.

Die Lesende

A sculpture of a reading girl in front of a bookstore in Michelstadt,

25 books a

and another one in front of the public library in Ladenburg.
Peter Schöffer Buchdruck

And this is Peter Schöffer.

Peter Schöffer Buchdruck

Who was he?  You heard of Johannes Gutenberg who invented movable type printing.  But he had help – hardly any great inventor can do without – and today we recognise that Peter Schöffer of Gernsheim was more than an assistant but a highly educated inventor in his own right who improved on Gutenberg’s design and was to a large extent responsible for the economic success of book printing and thus the spread of books to the masses.

Linked to Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: books and paper.


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