Getaways without getting away

02 balcony h

02 balcony a

02 balcony aa

Balconies in the centre of the town of Heidelberg.

02 balcony d

And in Frankfurt – more green, less flowers.

02 balcony f

The townhall balcony in Lampertheim – geraniums are the perennial favourites for balcony gardening.

02 balcony b

This is more colourful, seen in Ladenburg.

02 balcony c

More geraniums, in Weinheim.

02 balcony e

No flowers at all, yet the feeling is definitely “holiday in Balconia”.

02 balcony g

The old part of the town of Weinheim is built on an incline.  The rooms behind the lower row of balconies are street level on the other side of the house.  It looks even higher when shown with the more modern houses in front:

02 balcony gg

Linked with Friendly Friday: balconies.












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