Fast, faster, fastest

The English word squirrel and the German word Eichhörnchen have nothing in common except their meaning, yet in both languages they are considered to be amongst the most difficult words to pronounce and an almost fail-safe recognition of non-mother-tongue speakers (btw: I am very proud of my pronunciation of squirrel, apparently I pass the squirrel test, I have more difficulties with other words).

035 squirrel 3

For some reason or other I come across squirrels almost exclusively in cemeteries.  They seem to watch me as much as I watch them.

035 squirrel 4

On their hind legs the little creatures look especially cute and somehow human.

035 squirrel 2

Another cemetery, a different squirrel.

035 squirrel 5

The squirrels of the Munich West cemetery are black rather than chestnut brown.

035 squirrel 1

Either this one let me get closer or I’ve become a better photographer.

035 squirrel 6

And this is the only non-cemetery squirrel in my collection: I’ve caught it literally and figuratively red-handed, raiding the bird feeder.

A Fan of … Squirrels contribution.  Check out more squirrels here.

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