Six old apple trees

04 edits 2

A couple of years ago I came upon these old gnarled apple trees while walking on a winter wonderland walk.  I loved their silhouettes against the snowy meadow and the light blue sky.

04 edits 1

I played around with the shot and zoomed in a bit more.  I vowed to come back in spring but I missed the time when they bloomed.

04 edits 3

They still look beautiful in the middle of the sloped meadow but they stand out less against the green background.

04 edits 4

A year later I missed the blooming season again (in fact, I am beginning to suspect that they are so old that they don’t bloom anymore since they don’t seem to carry any apples either).

04 edits 5

I got on my knees, then on my stomach to recreate the silhouette from the winter shot even thought that meant the focus on the blades of grass in the foreground.

My favourite is still the first winter shot with more space around the trees. Which one do you prefer?

For Friendly Friday – Photo Edits.



8 thoughts on “Six old apple trees

  1. Of course I love the winter shots! But I also like that last one, with the blades of the grass in the foreground. It gives us a different perspective. Amazing trees standing guard on the hillside. I am a bit sad that they don’t blossom anymore. Wonderful post.

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