Mein Herz, das schlägt am Neckarstrand


I’ve been to Heidelberg a few weeks ago and I came across this sign.  It reminded me of an old song (hence the title in German):

“Ich hab mein Herz in Heidelberg verloren … mein Herz, es schlägt am Neckarstrand.”

I lost my heart in Heidelberg … my heart, it beats at the banks of the Neckar.

It’s a sentimental song reminiscing young love in Heidelberg and has been adopted as a signature tune for the town.  The people from Heidelberg being much more down to earth than the romantics who have enthused over their town throughout the years have added a less referential line to the song:

Dirty feet, dirty feet, your feet get dirty on the Neckar banks.

“Dreckische Fieß, drekische Fieß, die kriegt mer uff de Neckarwies!”

Of course, there are much nicer views of the old town with the castle towering above:

197 Neckarstrand 2

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