Gallimaufray on Thursday

So far I’ve only used “gallimaufry” (a chance find in a dictionary) as a title for a few of the Sunday colour collages for Aino’s Värikollaasit but now that I have actually heard it used in a Dr Who episode (in one of the first episodes with Peter Capaldi as the Doctor – I’m a bit behind in watching) I will use it more often for any hodgepodge collection for which I can’t find a unifying title.

62 marsh

a marsh willowherb


62 shack

(a ramshackle) shack

62 scarlet

a scarlet ibis

Northern Bald Ibis Waldrapp

Since the scarlet ibis was hiding a bit, here is a hadeda ibis with its stately gait and glossy colours.


Those two are best of friends, not related but looking it. A symbiotic relationship that is great to watch.

I managed five out five for Paula’s Thursday Special: Pick a Word in October.  Find more stately shacks symbiotic with scarlet marshes here.


8 thoughts on “Gallimaufray on Thursday

  1. I think I should use gallimaufry at least once. A wonderful word well worth the use I believe. Thank you for finding a wonderful new word for me. I also liked your images for Paulas words 🙂 I have a Scarlet Ibis on my list of birds to see one day


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