I’m a fan of … mushrooms

I’m not a mycologist (or however mushroom specialists are called) so I take photos of them but otherwise I leave them be.  I’m pretty sure I can recognise a parasol mushroom but “pretty sure” is too uncertain for me.  No mushrooms for dinner tonight!

039 shrooms 12

Solitary ‘shrooms.  This one a little past its prime.

039 shrooms 1

I imagine this is what a ‘shroom selfie would look like.

039 shrooms 7

A gilled mushroom from the sid

039 shrooms 8

and another one from underneath.

039 shrooms 10

A ‘shroom sitting on a dead tree trunk,

039 shrooms 9

and in the underbrush.

039 shrooms 6

A small insect could fall in

039 shrooms 4

or sllide down.

039 shrooms e

Yellow twins

039 shrooms d

and yellow goat’s beards.

039 shrooms 3

A family of three, looking pretty poisonous

039 shrooms 2

and more families, one famiily delicate and pale,

039 shrooms 5

the other overcrowded and robust.

039 shrooms f

An elongated morel

039 shrooms g

and a fat goat’s beard.

Here are the round ones:

039 shrooms b

039 shrooms c

039 shrooms a

This last one looking almost like a flower.

And in a collection of mushrooms I cannot leave out the pychedelic variety:

039 shrooms

Linked to I’m a fan of … #39.

And more toadstools or rather fly agaric can be found here.




2 thoughts on “I’m a fan of … mushrooms

  1. Fantastic post, 😁 I’ve never seen such a variety of ‘shrooms in one go; some of them look really edible, but like you, I don’t know enough about them, so I will continue to get them from the greengrocers.

    Liked by 1 person

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