Nothing to rival the Beatles


This soldier of the Franco-Prussian war in 1870/71 was a minor celebrity in his town when they looked for a model for the war memorial which was erected in 1890.  He was a miller by profession and considered the most beautiful man around.  Not long afterwards he emigrated to the US, apparently smuggling valuables in the nappies of his numerous children. If that is true I don’t know but he came to wealth in the US and his family not only grew to riches but also in numbers.  To this day the town of Weinheim hosts descendants of this beautiful man about once a year when they come and want to see what their great-great-great-grandfather looked like.

I’ve featured him before here.

And here is a slightly fuzzy close up of him – jugde for yourself if he conforms with your idea of beauty.

famous 2

For One Word Sunday: Famous. More photos of famous people can be found here.

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