Not getting lost in a crowd

quotation lost

“Not all those who wander are lost.”

JRR Tolkien

More photos inspired by the LotR quote can be found linked to Travel with Intent.

Many wine growing regions in Germany (and I guess elsewhere as well) organise a “Weinwanderung” – a walk of several hours through the vinyards with many stops along the way offering wine tastings and food stalls.  These events have been growing in popularity and there are usually thousands of people on the way.

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Most of these “wine walks” are during summer before the grapes are ripe or after the harvest in autumn but some are also organised in winter.

quote lost2

Cold weather doesn’t seem to deter anyone.

quote lost 4

And nobody is forced to do the whole length – there are buses who collect those who’ve had enough of walking or of wine.  So nobody gets lost.


2 thoughts on “Not getting lost in a crowd

    1. The keyword is “Weinwanderung” (or possibly, “Rotweinwanderung”. Some are grouped under wine growing regions, some under Bundesländer. It’s a lot of fun. Use public transport! 🙂


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