But will the cat leave it alone?

133 xmas 1

We didn’t have a nativity set when I grew up but in Saudi I came upon this strange little house made of the hard middle part of palm fronds (I never knew what its original purpose was) and I decided to make a manger scene myself.  First I made the figures out of salt dough, and then I clad them in fabrics which held memories (Mary wears a handkerchief which was given to me by a friend as a parting gift, Joseph is clad in leather which was a hair ornament from France, and so on).  The children then added animals from their toy sets (which explains the zebra to the right).

133 xmas 2

Every year a few things were added, little trinkets I found in the souqs, and particularly for the spendour of the three wise men I had to resort to items from haberdashery shops.   It has been in storage for the last years but this year I might bring them all out.  Our grandson will be with us for Christmas Eve.

Linked to A Photo a Week: Christmas memories.

4 thoughts on “But will the cat leave it alone?

    1. Hihi…That’s a BEARD. And he is wearing an old hankie from L. Baby Jesus is covered in a piece of leather from a jacket given to me by an old aunt. Although it must have been at the height of fashion once, by the time she gave it to me it was … well, not. I used to leather on many craft projects.


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