Light. Lighter.

19 microlight d

We’d been hiking for three days between 2000 and 3000 m altitude – which is the only reason I can give for taking not more photos of this amazing sight (I have exactly 4 shots) of microlight paragliders.

19 microlight a

Where I live, there are mostly the motorised microlight pilots.  The motor announces their approach so I often have time to grab the camera in time.

19 microlight c

Higher up and further away, almost mingling with the clouds, still light as a feather.

19 microlight b

And sometimes their flight leads them into the light of the setting sun.

#19 square lights   Microlight


2 thoughts on “Light. Lighter.

    1. In this case I am like Peters Sellers in “Being There”: I like to watch. (though this is also the reason I leave my camera at home every now and again because with it I watch, without it I participate)

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