Common denominator

“Look up!” they said.  So I looked up.  And realised that

2003 looking up c

looking up in the forest

2003 locking up b

can be  different to looking up in the city.  Except, it isn’t. Not really.

2003 looking up d

Being on the other end, being lookup up at, sort of, can result in strange effects of the brain.

I’ll stick to looking up.  Even on clear days, the sky may offer something to see.

Linked to K’lee and Dales Cosmic Photo Challenge: Look up.

Look up more contributions here.




2 thoughts on “Common denominator

  1. Maybe somebody can help me: I was about to answer to a comment when Henry (the cat) walked over my keyboard. And the comment was trashed. — I used to be able to un-trash comments but I don’t seem to find the function anymore. Any ideas what I could do? (I’m putting this under a few pages hoping that somebody can help me). [I tried help but no help came…]


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