To print, to publish, and to brew

Where would we be without books?  Where would books be if Johannes Gutenberg hadn’t invented movable letters?  Probably not in a very different position than today.

Peter Schöffer Buchdruck

No, this is not Gutenberg but Peter Schöffer.  An early collaborator of Gutenberg who scholars today think was more than an apprentice but quite essential in the devolopment of book printing and publishing.  The wikipedia article in German on him is much more detailed than the English one but for what it is worth if somebody is interested:

This statue stands in Schöffer’s hometown of Gernsheim, about 50km south of Mainz, where Gutenberg lived.  And as an aside: I like his legacy. It’s a very tasty beer!

And the connection to culture and alcohol is never far away in a wine growing / beer brewing area.  Rheinhessen advertises this on the cable car, pure and culture rhyme in German.


Linked to One Word Sunday: Culture.




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