I’m a fan of hearts #1

When I decided on hearts as the subject of this week’s “I’m a fan of …” I didn’t realise how many hearts I do have on file.  So I decided to split the post. I tried to sort the photos thematically, chronologically, by colour – then I gave up.  The simplest solution: This week’s hearts are in landscape format, next week’s will be portrait.

Herzlich Willkommen

Let’s start off with a “hearty welcome” because

Adventure is calling

“adwenture” is calling.

054 hearts c

Ugly, untidy, but a heart, nevertheless.

054 hearts e

A heart for gardening in general, and bees in particular.

054 hearts f

A heart for a Seffrican braai, or an Australian barbie, or a French grillade.

054 hearts d

Elephants have hearts, too.

pro ulma

A heart for Ulm, a town situated between Bavaria and Swabia.

054 hearts g

A rusty heart and

Schnitzel Viefalt

and a heart drawn in chalk proclaiming the love of veal cutlets.

054 hearts j

A heart and it’s murky reflection during a light show.

054 hearts l

A very elusive heart – no snow this year.


More light-hearted hearts.

054 hearts k

And finally bleeding hearts (I always feel as if I’m swearing when I mention these flowers).

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