but first sleep


I’ve used this group before.  It’s a sculpture of, I think, eight sleepers.  There is space to sit next or opposite them but I don’t think living people can really relax close to them.


This is part of a group depicting the night in the garden Gethsemane when all the disciples fell asleep while Jesus prayed.


The way animals sleep, one can only be envious.


And what do turtles dream of?


Cats of course, are champion sleepers.  This one slept next to a busy road and had made this flower pot his own.  A potted cat, so to speak.


It doesn’t look comfortable but it must be – at the moment this is our cats favourite place for a snooze.


And this picture is – for me – pure bliss.  Falling asleep while reading a book …  without the dummy, for preference though.

For A Photo a Week: Sleeping.


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