I’m a fan of hearts #2

As promised, the second installment of my hearts.  This time upright or portrait-stlye.
055 hearts a

A gingerbread heart which was made especially for me (I won’t tell you what the RA stands for).

055 hearts i

Rainbow love on a sock.

055 hearts h

A multicoloured ballon heart.

055 hearts l

Somebody saying: “I have a heart for plants.”, or possibly: “Plants sold here.”

055 hearts g

A sgraffito heart on a house front.

055 hearts e

Wooden deco hearts.  In a restaurant where the landlady has gone crazy with deco – this was the least busy window.

055 hearts j

🎼” … I don’t have a wooden heart.” – But the people living here obviously do.

055 hearts m

Alternatively, you can carry your heart on your board.

055 hearts k

Or carve it in stone.

055 hearts f

Or scratch it on crayons.  And light it.

055 hearts c

Two more hearts form the light show, a reddish one and

055 hearts b

a purple one.

055 hearts d

And last not least, hearts flying up in the sky on the occasion of a wedding (another custom we should be wary of when we think of the environment.)

Linked to “I’m a fan of … #55”.  More fanatical photos can be found here.


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