Old, but not ancient

2008 100 e

It’s difficult to see the building that is only about 100 years old in this photo.  The ruin of castle Windeck in the middle is approximately 1000 years old, the tower on the far left, part of the old town wall, is several 100 years old.  But the castle, called Wachenburg, right on top of the Wachenberg is pretty exactly 100 years old.  The building was started in 1907 and completed in 1928.

2008 100 a

It was meant to look like a medieval castle.

2008 100 d

And althought the overall effect is just that, close up it looks just a bit too well preserved.

2008 100 b

It was commissioned by a convocation of fraternities of students and they still have meetings up there.

2008 100 c

If there are not there, it is used as an event location with a restaurant, and in summer beer garden.

Linked to A Photo A Week: 100 years or older.


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