Perpetuum repairé

Heidelberger Schloss

The landmark of Heidelberg – the castle above the historical town – was destroyed during the 17th and 18th century, by war and fire and fires caused by war. It has been partially rebuilt but its fame is founded on its pictorial decay.  Yet even this decay now needs care.  The castle is hardly ever without some kind of scaffolding.  A few years ago it was even advertised in the local newspapers that it would be free of any kind of visible building activities for a whole of two weeks.  On the next rain-free day my sister and I went to take pictures of this unusual event.  Alas – look closely:

Heidelberger Schloss

Heidelberger Schloss

Linked to One Word Sunday: Restoration.

14 thoughts on “Perpetuum repairé

  1. Your title does sound like a Harry Potter spell as, to me, does the music platform Spotify. Can’t you just see the wand pointing and someone yelling “Spotify” and the recipient maybe breaking out in spots? 🙂 But I digress. I visited this castle in the mid-seventies and it still looks good. As I said in another comment just now, restoration is necessary, but quite a pain for photographers..


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