Boys we almost stand in fear of

The epitome of naughtiness are these two rascals, called Max and Moritz.

Max und Moritz Wilhelm Busch

The poet and illustrator Wilhelm Busch brought their story to paper with his characteristic drawings and accompanying rhymed couplets.  To this day their mischievous pranks delight children and adults alike.  Many Germans can quote part of the story.

It is undisputed that Busch was a direct ancestor of all comic books.  Max und Moritz inspired the cartoon strip Katzenjammer Kids in the US and from there his influence spread.

Max und Moritz Apotheke

Many shops and restaurants are named after them.  Here it is a pharmacy.

Max und Moritz erster Streich

And here a restaurant which is fitting because their first prank involved first killing and then stealing and eating the chicken of a widow.

2011 naughty a

However, chips weren’t invented yet in 1860 when Busch wrote and illustrated the story.

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6 thoughts on “Boys we almost stand in fear of

  1. What a wonderful bit of history … I don’t know these characters but I can see how their mischief making inspired so many cartoons and namings!

    Thanks so much for sharing 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. BTW: The title is how the translation of the story starts: “Ach was muß man oft von bösen / Kindern hören oder lesen! / Wie zum Beispiel hier von diesen, / welche Max und Moritz hießen.” = “Ah, how oft we read or hear of / Boys we almost stand in fear of! / For example, take these stories /
      Of two youths, named Max and Moritz,” 😀


      1. In beiden Versionen …
        Es soll manchen Dichter geben,
        der muß dichten um zu leben.
        Ist das immer so? Mitnichten,
        manche leben um zu dichten.


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