Come on right in and have a look inside

I had planned something else but then just after lunchtime – this:

2013 inside c

2013 inside a

2013 inside b

Our normally quiet street (except for rush hour times) but at the moment due to the almost lockdown extremely quiet street exploded with fire engines and sirenes and police cars and ambulances and animal rescue and animal cadaver collection cars and blue lights.  A house barely 200 m away from us had caught fire.   We only saw smoke as our house stands a bit back from the road and we did not venture outside.  I was curious, of course, but I always get angry when I hear of people gawking  at accident scenes etc.

When we thought that the firefighters were all gone we went for our daily fresh air intake and we came upon the scene from behind.  They were dealing with the last pockets of embers.  The ambulance had set up tents to deal with smoke inhalation victims but it turned out they weren’t needed.  The residents were out and the animal rescue just swooped up two dogs and two cats, apparently none for the worse.  No animal cadavers needed to be removed. Luckily nobody suffered any physical harm but the damage to the houses is estimated at more than 200,000 Euros.

The firefighters had to go inside the neighbour’s attic in order to reach the actual fire.  So now we can look inside the neighbour’s attic, inside the roof framework of the house in question, and inside the burnt shell of the second storey.

For Cosmic Photo Challenge: Inside.



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