Top hat

A follow up to yesterday’s snow covered tops, I give you a snowman and his inevitable demise. This year the traditional burning of a snowman to drive away winter has been cancelled due to you know what. 

A snowman needs to wear a top hat.  It’s a given.

This is my fifth top square for Becky’s April Square Challenge.

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14 thoughts on “Top hat

      1. I’m not sure… all I found about Green Man festival is that it is a music festival. Our “Sommertagszug” is not really about music (the children are singing, whether it’s musical remains open to discussion). The tradition is a couple of hundred years old. Or did I look up the wrong man?


      2. The one I was thinking of is in Shropshire where Clun’s Green Man attempts to win the age-old battle against winter and darkness, and bring in the summer! He fights the Ice Queen on the bridge. It is a fair of sorts with stalls etc. but cancelled this year so I can’t link to a site.

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      3. Sorry – I wanted to answer your last comment and say: Yes, that’s very similar. … but I accidentally trashed it and it’s nowhere to be found in my “comments” –> “trashed” bin. This has happened a few times lately and I’m quite annoyed by it. Please don’T think I trashed your comment on purpose.


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