Thin on top

10 light

After Debbie’s guy with facial hair issues, I present a guy with a different set of issues, a lot less hairy, though.

And in a related square:

11 top

I’ve bought these a week or so ago. I’ve been dreading it but I think I will have to use them soon.  I will have to cut my own hair, at least the fringe/bangs.  I am at that stage where they start curling inwards just in height with my eyes.  Blindness will follow soon.  But I’ve decided to practice on my husband first!

This is my tenth top square for Becky’s April Square Challenge.

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28 thoughts on “Thin on top

  1. When you come to yourself, don’t cut straight across the fringe. Hold hair in usual way (between two things) and then cut upwards towards fingers and that way you will have a better edge 🙂

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  2. Oh, this is such a good post, really made me laugh, especially Jo’s comment! My poor OH usually has his hair cropped short as he too is thin on top, and now it stands up like a mohican! I have offered to trim it for him but all we have are beard trimmers. I can’t see why they wouldn’t work as well? Fortunately my hair is medium length and I don’t have a fringe. Slightly more grey than normal though 😅

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    1. From a friend of mine who works for one of the foremost hair colouring companies in Germany [her work involves giving workshops on the the newest products all over the country] I hear that there is movement of hairdressers NOT to dye their hair privately in solidarity with customers and thus with shops which can’t offer services a the moment.

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    1. Caveat: this is not my husband. If it were he’d be clean shaven in a tiffy. My husband has a full head of white hair, the first strands appeared before I ever set eyes on him, i.e. in his twenties. 🙂


    1. No way! I wear short hair, really short hair and that is not going to change. Once in my life I had longish hair (when we lived in Saudi where hairdressers for women are generally hard to come by, those with the skill to cut short hair specifically) and when I had cut it short again everybody exclaimed that I looked years younger.

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