I’m a fan of rapeseed

065 rape a

I’m not sure whether I am in favour of the proliferation of rape seed fields all over the country, some grown for being made into oil but the majority made into petrol.  I am also not in favour of the yellow muck that descends on cars and windows during its flowering time.  But I can’t help being fan of the strips of yellow in the rural landscape, of the yellow fields and of the delicate little flowers.

Linked to I’m a fan of … #65.  More fanatical photos can be found linked here.

4 thoughts on “I’m a fan of rapeseed

  1. I know lots of people – my husband included – who aren’t fans at all. It really brings on the hayfever for sufferers. I’m OK though, and agree it can brighten and add accent to a landscape.


  2. I’m a fan of the swathes of yellow as well, really brightens up the countryside & provides a great contrast to the green 😃. Great close-ups, I’ve never gotten that close to see the individual flowers! I think rapeseed fields are also used in crop rotation here, & used to put nutrients back into the soil for then planting cereal crops.

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