Sweet or savoury, what’s your pleasure?

2018 food art b

A waffle with a kind of marshmallow centre, it was a staple at the kiosk at the public swimming pool when I was little.  It has made kind of a comeback on the supermarket shelves, like other nostalgia food.  It tastes as artificial as the pastel colours.



A Flammekueche, the tarte flambé from the Alsace region boxed up.  It’s not the traditional one with onions, bacon and sour cream but made with olives, pepperoni, and feta cheese.  Modern varieties have become fashionable in German beer gardens during the last few years.

Linked to The Cosmic Photo Challenge: Food as Art.

4 thoughts on “Sweet or savoury, what’s your pleasure?

  1. I’m a savoury person myself. I don’t eat sweets at all, bar the occasional dark chocolate digestive.
    Those marshmallow things make my teeth itch, just looking at them. I could certainly try one of those Flammekueche tarts, though.

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