Not the top


The Black Forest is almost synonymous with dark fir forests but its highest mountain, the Feldberg, is curiously bare.  It is the highest mountain in the state of Baden-Württemberg, and the highest in Germany outside of the Alps.  It’s the top of the non-Alpine mountain tops, so to speak.  And this isn’t even the actual top (but close).  I haven’t got pictures of the actual top as 2 years ago, when we had endless, warm, dry days towards the end of summer, we managed to pick the one weekend when it was cold, miserable, foggy, raining and cold.  I went to the top (there is a kind of cairn marking it) but I didn’t take my camera because it would have been either drowned or blown away.

This is my  twenty-ninth square for Becky’s April Square Challenge.

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4 thoughts on “Not the top

      1. If the weather is good – yes. And you can see France from there (west), as well as the Alps (northeast). It is maybe not an anticlimax but also not the climax since it is not the actual top.

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