Time, place, language

Reden ist Silber Schweigen Gold

Talk is silver, silence is golden.  – Even keeping silent is a form of language.

“A different language is a different vision of life “

– Federico Fellini

Towards the end of the 18th century all things oriental were in fashion.  The then reigning Elector Palatine consequently wanted a part of his palace ground to look oriental and first had a Turkish garden laid out and then a mosque built, known as the Red Mosque.  Now this mosque was never meant as a place of worship but rather as a glorification of a world spirit (as seen from a European point-of-view, a eurocentric vision, culture appropriation  as we understand it now and consequently “bad” but very advanced and unprejudiced at the time).

While the mosque itself is a statement in a very specific language, walls inside and outside were decorated with Arabic phrases and their translations.  How correct the Arabic writing is, I don’t know.  If they came from genuine Arabic sources, I don’t know.  There are so many facets of language and understanding and vision in this alone, the language itself, the sources, the presentation…

2019 language f

And to add another vision: I am now working as a GSL teacher, German as second language, which in German is known as DAZ (Deutsch als Zweitsprache).

DAZ Deutsch als Zweitsprache

Linked to Travel with Intent. For more photos inspired by the Fellini quote, click here.


4 thoughts on “Time, place, language

  1. Fascinating. You have added a lot of extra thought and meaning to the quote, Elke.
    I hope your DAZ is going well (did you buy a new car just to advertise your job?). Are you able to do it online at the moment? Or is a lot of it online anyway?

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    1. No, I’m not working at the moment. As I got a new alphabetisation class in January they hadn’t even completed the alphabet by the time classes were suspended so electronic communication is very difficult. I tried in the beginning with voice messages but we gave up as most of the students did not respond beyond sending me flower emojis in response. And the car: no, not mine 🙂 Also, I don’t live in DArmstadt, my car plate starts with HD – you can’t form many words with that.

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      1. I se ether challenges – in both the teaching and the number plate 🙂 I was thinking people who already spoke some German. I have often thought of doing TESL (English DAZ) and had never thought of having to start at the alphabet level. Obvious as it may be!

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      2. I kind of got into alphabetisation by chance in 2015 with the influx of refugees. I got stuck with it, had some training, and I really enjoy it. It is challenging in a completely different way to “normal” DAZ or ESL but I really like the people who come as my students (even though sometimes it’s hard, when they are old (aka about my age) and with little if any educational background),


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