And now for running completely different

We do our fox and hounds running trails every Sunday in winter, every Saturday in summer.

Before we run, we get instructions.

2019 new n

Sometimes obscure, sometimes understandable (to us, at least).

We run (or walk) in every weather, every season, every terrain:

And then came – Corona.

I survived 500

Hint: look what it says on the back of his neck!

Our group has run without a break every week for 33 years – come rain or shine or Christmas Eve or Easter Monday.  Would we let a stupid *§$%*$!! virus ruin our weekends?  Of course not!  We kept meeting.

Via zoom.  And we had trails.  In completely new and innovative ways.

One week we all dressed up in our  finest gear, each in the comfort of our own home and we jogged on the spot.  At various points we had to answer questions and whoever got them wrong had to do a penance, jumping jacks or squats or the like.  For the next week, we ran in our own area, marked the trail in chalk, and documented it with photos. We had adventure quests (like an Easter egg hunt except no eggs but rather little bottles). Another time we ran and each time we came to an intersection we let the throw of a die decide in which direction to continue.  And one time we charted our run with a running app and tried to draw a picture (before you puzzle too much: I was not a very good artist but it was fun).

Linked to Friendly Friday: Something new / Something different.

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4 thoughts on “And now for running completely different

  1. This is a really original way to interpret running under Corona! I so like your adaptations. What fun. The jumper interests me. Does it say
    Arhus Hash house Harriers? I didn’t know that they were international! There is a Hash house Harriers running group here. They are know for celebrating afterwards in a pub and getting quite drunk!
    Anyhow, your picture and story is excellent and a perfect example of expanding the photo challenge and Something new/different. Thanks so much for participating in Friendly Friday.

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    1. Hashing has been around since 1938 and there are H3 groups on all continents (including Antarctica, btw). And yes, for many H3 the slogan “a drinking club with a running problem” holds true. But each kennel is different and this is one of the greatest assets of the Hash – there are no rules. There are traditions, true, but each group (latest count was 3000 worldwide, I think, but don’t quote me on that) interprets them somewhat different. The fact that it is international is the other thing I love about it – I can go almost anywhere in the world, look up the Hash and instantly have people who will run with me, drink with me, sing with me and help me if I need help. And just to add to the confusion: I know a number of hashers who are non-drinkers, my husband being one of them. – And yes, that’s a sweater from Arhus H3. The picture was taken at a German Nash Hash (happens once a year, except for this year 😦 ) where we always host visiting hashers from all over.


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