Me and my new girl

2020 new a

I’ve been planning to get a new bike for awhile but thanks to Corona I delayed the acquisition.  In the meantime our ways of doing things has changed: I do all the shopping on my own which we often did together beforehand.  I don’t use public transport anymore.  As we shouldn’t go out for joyrides (they always were a guilty pleasure due to environmental reasons) my radius has shrunk.  So when the shops opened again I made a very impulsive decision and bought a pedelec – complete with bags for shopping and/or my camera.

It is such a beauty – I call her Winona Rider, by the way – that even the local bird life is interested:

2020 new b

But I got my own back, being equally curious and being stealthy and very quiet (thanks to Winona):

2020 new c

Linked to A Photo a Week: Coronavirus changes.

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