I’m a fan of hares

069 rabbit f

This hare was far away in the fields last week and as I was trying to get a photo of it a man approached me and asked – quite suspiciously, I thought – what I was shooting.  It took him a bit to see the hare and we both came very close to violating physical distance rules because I wanted to let him look through my camera.  Of course, the hare who had been munching happily on the green stalks took its chance and disappeared.

069 rabbit e

I seem to have a knack to catch hares from the rear.

069 rabbit c

This one did its best to hide, keeping low in the grass.

069 rabbit d

But when it realised that the game was up, it upped and disappeared in the woods.

069 rabbit a

And the same story last year, when the grass was already higher.

069 rabbit b

Linked to I’m a fan of … #69.  More fanatical photos can be found here.

7 thoughts on “I’m a fan of hares

    1. 😀 I’m thinking rather of the Long Patrol, the hares of Mossflower Abbey, bobbing and weaving when they on recon. I read all the Mossflower / Redwall Abbey books by Brian Jacques to my boys when they were little.

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    1. Of course, it’s a hare. *hitmyselfonthehead* That’s exactly the point I was making to Jez with the Brian Jacques (Redwall series) reference. It’s hares!! I could kick myself. 🙂 thanks for pointing it out.

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