7 thoughts on “My past, his past, her past, his past

  1. Brilliant! Great images and I love the title, Elke.
    It reminded me of the few Latin classes i had to do at university, the only language I hated learning (wasn’t a fan of ancient French either). I didn’t realise then, but what I really love about learning a language is hearing the music of people speaking their language.

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    1. I taught my last class in March but still when my husband asks me for a word (e.g. an English word and what is it in German) I give the German infinitive and immediately lapse into conjugating it: fragen – ich frage – du frägst – er frägt … as if I was still talking to students (hopefully soon again!) 😀

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    1. Thank you. Two are obviously old photos, not taken by me but I’m in them. And the other two are photos of our grandchildren (and my husband but he was just a prop 😀 ).

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