Mango tango – industrial sunset


056 mango tango

Unbelievably no colour tweaking in this sunset – viewed past a roof of a detached house and towards the chimneys belching smoke.  The shadow far away (about 40 to 50 km away) are the hills of the Pfälzer Wald, the low mountain range west of the Rhine and the equivalent of the Odenwald on the eastern side.

Linked to Color your World.  For more photos with the shade mango tango, click here.


6 thoughts on “Mango tango – industrial sunset

    1. I guess part of it has to do with pollution. The sun sets behind the low mountain range to the west and in the 50km plain before the low mountain range on the eastern side is a 350,000 inhabitant city as well as numerous smaller towns and a lot of industrial sites (among them the largest chemical producing complex in the world, BASF). But partly it has to do with the close up, focussing on a very small area of the whole scenery (those chimneys are about 20km away from where I stood).

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