I’m a fan of ships’ names

A challenge a few days ago asked for “freedom” and a photo of a ship popped up on my screen.  It got me thinking on names for ships and boats.

Ships named after concepts: Freedom and Vici (Latin: I conquered).

To be fair, the last one could be a girl’s name.  Traditionally girl’s names have been popular for boats: Jessica and Tim.  Not necessarily confined to girls nowadays, it seems.

More girls: Susan, Emma, and Rose.  Or appropriate for Stratford-upon-Avon – Shakespeare characters: Hamlet, Othello, and Puck.

Boats can be named after friends or indulgences: The Black Cat and Laphroaig.

Foreign or very local: Subito (Italian for fast) and Kurpfalz (both  travelling on the river Neckar).

From further afield: South Carolina and Atlanta – both to be found on the river Rhine.

Not to forget star signs and plays on words: Aries and Seas The Day.

Linked to I’m a Fan of … #71.  More fanatical photos can be found here.


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