Surfing in the city

Living near the Odenwald – said to be the mountain range furthest from any sea in Europe – surf is kind of difficult to come by.  But I visited Munich a few years ago and came across an unusual phenomenon: inner city surfing.

The river Isar runs through Munich and is part of the famous Englische Garten, a huge urban public park.  At one point the Isar is split and the section known as the Eisbach (icy creek) has an artificial permanent wave, just before the Prinzregentenstraße bridges over it.  In summer, particularly during lunch time, there is a permanent crowd gathered – the surfers on the banks, the spectators among the trees and on the bridge. 






It’s no easy surf and a beginner wouldn’t dare to go in.  But even for experienced surfers it is no mean feat to pass before such a crowd – the uninitiated tourist and the skilled fellow surfers.

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7 thoughts on “Surfing in the city

  1. Oh my goodness, trust the Germans to come up wiht inland surfing … it looks more dangerous than the sea!
    One could do some real damage if one cracked the head on that wall … definitely not for the faint hearted … thanks for sharing and educating us 🙂

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