Street advertising

Let’s get the bad ones out of the way first.

There is no denying that both signs are racist.  In fact the tobacco shop’s sign is so breathtakingly offensive that I am amazed that it is still openly displayed.  The “Big Mama” sign however, is a bit tricky since it is a shop run by Africans, selling African products to Africans (particularly food and beauty care).  Is it less racist because it is a name and picture chosen by a member of the racially depicted group?

Quickly add an example which is lot more politically correct but more importantly morally correct:


A sign for a fair trade shop.  They used to be called “Third World Shops” (Dritte-Welt-Läden).

And now for something completely different: animals on shop signs for a café and a dog grooming salon:

I also like this sign on a (cheap) hotel:

2026 shop signs g

But there should always be this:

let there be crumbs

Linked to Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Shop signs.


2 thoughts on “Street advertising

  1. Oh I so like your post. Maybe the first two signs are the black people telling the white people, we don’t want your business if you are prejudice towards us. Wouldn’t that be a cool twist. Anyhow, your signs are fabulous. Thanks for posting it.

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