(Not) Commuting in the Time of Corona

The school where I teach is still closed so currently I don’t commute. But once we’ll start again there will be changes. I used to take the car but I started to feel bad about it since it is really a short distance. Then I got a small scooter (not an e-scooter, mind you) and realised that these little toys are just that – toys: fun for a short distance but not built for longer trips, even on slightly rough roads because they have hardly any buffers.

I started to combine the scooter with the tram or bus which was okay except that I needed a bulky backpack to carry all my teaching equipment. Together with carrying the scooter this doesn’t work too well if there is lots of other commuters. And then one day I fell, I still don’t know why, my glasses broke and my face was bloodied. And my pride severely injured.

But now I have Wynona. Wynona Rider (sic!) – a stupid pun because the make of the bike is called “Winora”. But I’ve already clocked up 500 km on her and the car has mostly stayed in the garage. I’ve learned to assess my grocery shopping so that it fits in the side bags.

Cee’s challenge got me to think about the route of my commute – it’s not far but I want to avoid unnecessary traffic pitfalls for cyclists. I took my camera and here it is:

Leaving the yard and it’s downhill immediately. It’s pretty steep and that should wake me up in the morning! At the foot of the hill is the tram station on the right.

I turn to the left and have a cycle route that changes into a road lined with trees. I cross over a bridge and down a long cycle path to keep me away from the heavy traffic. I pass a large crossing (no photos, I was busy pedalling) and after 3.75 km I have arrived at the school.

Now let’s see if I find this as much fun once summer turns into autumn and winter with wet and cold weather.

Linked to the On the Hunt for Joy Challenge: Commute, joyfully.

4 thoughts on “(Not) Commuting in the Time of Corona

  1. Good on you! I was living in London as a child and never learnt to ride a bike. Now I’m far too terrified. How can something only a few centimetres wide stay upright? I wish I could ride …. but … I can’t.

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