Change is inevitable

Once upon a time there was a small river running through a part of my hometown.

My sisters still remember playing on the railing and in the water. I am a few years younger and by my time the Grundelbach was already covered and ran for about 1 km beneath the road.

The town’s hospital was built over it and

the fire station next to it.

But even that is history now. There is a new regional hospital and a modern fire station away from the hills which hampered expansion. On the site is now a supermarket, a car park, and the traffic is led through a tunnel. On top of all that a large development with flats for the elderly and doctor’s offices has been established

Historic photographs are mounted on the walls.

At present, there is a building site for residential houses opposite which makes a panorama shot of the photographic mural difficult. But I might revisit the photos in a year’s time when the pedestrian area is free again.

Linked to Friendly Friday: Nostalgia.

5 thoughts on “Change is inevitable

    1. For traffic reasons. The people living further back in the little valley needed to commute and this was the only feasible way. It still is and there is a lot of traffic on that road, particularly during rush hour.


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