Folding lemons

I often like my collages to be blurred or with soft focus. But then I regret to lose the definition. So here is “have it both ways” collage. Just use the slider.
One photo with all the right colours in it – how could I not try that?

And while I was playing, I played some more.

These were the given colours for this week’s Värikollaasit. The butterfly is a common brimstone, or in Latin a Gonepteryx rhamni. In Finnish as well as in German we call it a lemon butterfly. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any lemon pictures or lemons on hand. Maybe I’ll send Mr Eklastic to the stores later today.

Check out Aino’s blog for more collages.

5 thoughts on “Folding lemons

  1. That slider is great, it was fun to use it and look how the collage changed!

    That flower with the bee has truly all the colors of the challenge, just beautiful!

    But I must say that the dinosaur is my favorite, it’s funny!

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