play list?

I don’t really have a playlist of favourite songs as such. If I need a pick-me-up I rather go to books or films. Last week I linked one of my favourite TV scenes ever on this blog and I do so again. It is when the eleventh doctor (from Doctor Who if anybody needs this additional information) and Amy Pond take Vincent van Gogh, who thinks his paintings are worthless and just generally questions his talents, to a gallery in his future (our present) featuring his paintings. Bill Nighy is giving a rhapsodic speech about van Gogh’s art and Vincent is overwhelmed listening to it. It moves me every time.

A screenshot of the scene. Vincent is hugging the museum guide.

Otherwise, although I sing badly (and having been told so often) I like sing-a-longs with friends, the louder and the bawdier, the better. The latter is the reason why I don’t publicise my playlist.

Linked to the On the Hunt for Joy Challenge: Make a song list.

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