10 thoughts on “Is this bird storking or stalking?

  1. hee hee, playing on words I see . . . . we saw our first stork in the UK a couple of weeks ago. Was such an exciting moment. Hopefully in a few years the re-introduction programme will mean they are again a regular sight here

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    1. They are thriving (again) in our area. When I was little there was an inhabited nest on one of the old medieval towers in our town but that has long been abandoned. They’ve moved to the nests in the plain, mainly around one lake. But they are doing so well that they have been seen in numbers again in the hills to the east of us.

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  2. A fun play with words, Elke. Which made me wonder about the origins of the words, and interestingly they contradict each other. Stalk being stealthy, and stork probably coming from stark, meaning rigid. Fascinating πŸ™‚

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