Selective splash

I’ve spent far too much time trying out different photo editing tools online for this post of the Cosmic Photo Challenge where Dale asks for a “splash of colour” this week. I’ve played around with them, using different methods. I haven’t found one that works satisfactorily, particularly the automatic colour spotting didn’t work really well in any programme. These are the results:

This poppy was the most labourious as it involved rendering the photo b&w first, then manually colouring the blossom sepia, then first enhancing the contrast, changing the hue, and finally using “saturate”.

Here is the same poppy in a slightly different shot with plain colour spotting.

This cornflower was fairly simple, just manually blocking the colour everywhere but the blossom.

.With this mirror I used a blunt tool to highlight the colour (and finally changing it to green).

This was an automatic colour selective tool but the tolerance couldn’t be adjusted properly and there was no eraser or reverse tool to be applied manually.

And finally the angel and the rose – an automatic colour spotting tool but I had severe problems of downloading the result without signing up (which didn’t want just for the use of one tool) – and it only worked once.

Linked to the Cosmic Photo Challenge: A splash of colour.

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