The education of the youth

I was very much in awe when I climbed those stairs for the first time. For the next four years I went through those doors almost every single school day. My primary school teacher was Fräulein Höfler and I have never forgotten her. If I try to picture her, I can only do so with her smiling.

Pestalozzi-Schule in Weinheim

The title of this post is written over the door, it’s part of an aphorism by the Swiss edcuaton Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi: “Gott zur Ehre, der Jugend zur Lehre, der Gemeinde zur Freude dien’ dieses Gebäude” (This building should be used to glorify God, to educate the youth, and to please the community.)

Linked to A Photo a Week: Nostalgia. More nostalgic photos can be found here.

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