Puzzling plastic

It’s plastic, all right, but WHAT is it?

Bales of hay, wrapped up for storage. It seems to be a good way to do that or why else would one see them everywhere? Non-agriculturally minded me is wondering though, if the plastic is really necessary?

Linked to Friday Fun: Plastic.

5 thoughts on “Puzzling plastic

    1. They had an in-between stage here where the hay was wrapped in a clear plastic foil but only the sides, and the bottom and top remained uncovered. One still sees them occasionally but the majority of hay bales are wapped up.

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  1. Farmers use enormous amounts of plastic, not just wrapping the hay but most livestock feed comes in plastic sacks now that used to be hessian … I think farmers need to research more environmentally packaging for such large scale use!

    Interesting about plastik meaning ‘sculpture’ … learn something new everyday 🙂

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    1. The difference between sculpture and plastic is that a sculpture is when something is taken away (i.e. a stone being chisselled to reveal a form) and a plastic is something that is built up (i.e. clay). I hope I could explain that properly. The related adjective “plastisch” means 3-dimensional.

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