Traditional collage

The method may be more traditional, similar to collages done by school children who glue cut-outs from magazines on a large piece of paper, the message unfortunately is very modern. These are all painted pebbles from a pebble snake which was started during the lock down. It is on a walkway where there are always lots of people, particularly on weekends, but during the lock down it was particularly busy – without being crowded. Distancing was always possible. And I felt I had to add a protective umbrella as my own message.

Linked to Värikollaasit. More collages based on the weekly colour scheme are here.

19 thoughts on “Traditional collage

    1. They appeared in different places during the COVID lock down. In our town it was started by children, I think, who painted pebbles and laid them in a row. Some have messages, some are just colours, some are intricate little art works. And others also painted pebbles and added theirs. And it grew and grew. 🙂

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      1. I tried as well in the early days. 😐 The shops were closed and I had no paints. So I tried with nail varnish. It looked great. 😃 And then the sun and the rain … Nail varnish doesn’t weather well. Even though I applied several top coats. 😏 But it was something to do at the time and I had fun doing it.


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