Wet – pros and cons

Wet grass. It’s easy to forget how important water is.

Like when driving home in pouring rain and just looking forward to getting out of the wet clothes and snuggling down in a warm, dry place.

But sometimes we crave water. This was on the hottest day of that year, after having spent four or five hours in a school PE hall, on the way back to their accommodation. these guys saw a man watering his garden and begged for a cool down. They enjoyed getting wet so much!

Linked to One Word Sunday: Wet.

11 thoughts on “Wet – pros and cons

  1. I like that first shot. Living in a desert you tend not to forget how important water is, although I know people waste it here too. Where we live now averages 9″ of rain a year, a big change from where we lived before 🙂


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