The early cat gets the food

I am not a creature of habit. We don’t eat at a specific time in the evening. I don’t go to bed at the same time each night. I sometimes eat lunch, sometimes I don’t. Even though I don’t have a long commute, I like to mix it up and take different routes. Most days I’ll drink coffee before I leave in the morning but occasionally I have a glass of water instead. It’s not unknown, albeit really seldom, that I eat breakfast. Sometimes I have to rush because I started reading the news on my phone, sometimes I just leave leisurely. But there is one morning ritual that has been forced on me. At around 6am, earlier in summer, later in winter, I am woken by a cold nose nudging me gently at first, more forcefully the longer I don’t react. Somebody wants food. I get up, barely conscious, rip open a food pouch, place the filled bowl down, and find my way back to bed. Sometimes the cat will settle down next to me and purr me back to sleep. My catnap, if you will, before the alarm sounds and I have to get up in earnest.

Linked to Friendly Friday: Morning rituals.

8 thoughts on “The early cat gets the food

  1. Goodness! I must be getting old – I quite like my routines. But two things I couldn’t do without. My breakfast, and even more importantly, a blood-pressure inducing shot of strong black coffee. I’m not worth knowing till I get that.

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    1. I always felt guilty for not breakfasting (most important meal of the day and all that) – until I started thinking about the much lauded mediterranean diet and realised that neither my Italian, nor Spanish, nor French friends ate anything for breakfast. I started to read up on it and breakfasts only became important in our minds because of lobbyism. I’ve never had a lonely breakfast since (I eat with company, though) which suits me fine since I don’t like traditional breakfast foods and can’t stomach others. Too much information?

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  2. Cats can be so demanding! I shut the bedroom door so we can sleep undisturbed. Once up though … I keep explaining – Coffee before cats, Coffee before cats – but they’re never convinced.
    Thanks for sharing your Morning Ritual in this weeks Friendly Friday Challenge!

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    1. In summer we sleep not just with the bedroom door open but with the door to the patio open. If not, Henry will demand at 2 or 3 to be left out. Or in. Depending on which side of the door he is on. And a closed bedroom door only gets him to scratch. Just to scratch, though …

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