7 thoughts on “Linger on, thou art so fair!

  1. Interesting skyline shots, Elke. I’ve been a couple of times for work and never paused long enough to look at the skyline.
    And I like the tshirt – is that you in action? 😉


  2. About all of Frankfurt I ever see is the airport, which doesn’t really count. A few years ago, due to a cancelled flight, I did see a bit more of the area around the train station and had a delicious brat for lunch. 🙂


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    1. Frankfurt has the reputation for being ugly but I enjoy going there (hence the title). Anywhere you are, you are never further than a short distance (I think the plan is 1 or 2 kms) away from an extensive green area. It’s always cited as Germany’s crime capital but the reason is that any drugs coming via the airport are considered “Frankfurt crime” – the Berlin airport for example is not on Berlin territory.

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