I’m a fan of bees

I came across this banner the other day and how could I not agree, spelling mistakes and all. It reads: Without bees there is no beer – that’s why we are protesting here.

And here is message from the bees themselves, presumably:

Looking at you humans we notice you are doing as badly as we are: chomping down on too many insecticides and pesticides, there are too many built-up areas and too few wilderness areas. If you carefully observe us bees here at this hotel as well as our cousins in the wild, you will be able to perceive how you yourselves are doing. Kind regards, the bees.

Hence: Watch out for bees below!

Linked to I’m a fan of … #82. More fanatical photos are linked here.

3 thoughts on “I’m a fan of bees

    1. I tried this this year. 😦 My flower seeds hardly resulted in any flours and I had weeds (something looking like lettuce and something gangly as tall as myself). I will try again next year but so far I am underwhelmed.


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