I’m a fan of hospitals … not

Not quite true or rather not as simple as that. I’m not a fan although I am very happy that hospitals and the people who work in them exist.

From doctors to nurses to medical technicians to kitchen and cleaning staff, they are all needed and were needed even in times gone by.

Talking about times gone by – this is the hospital of Lindenfels where I spent almost a week some seven years ago, and received good care. It has since closed down because it wasn’t financially viable, they said, being in a rural area. For the people of the area it was not a good decision, they now have to drive a long way to get to the next medical facility with emergency rooms. There are plans underfoot to open it again.

In any case, I hope that Jez (of the I’m a fan of … photo challenge) also had somebody to comfort him like this little guy, and gets well soon.

For I’m a fan of … #83. More fanatical posts plus one hospital post are linked here.

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