Time is relative

A week structures your time. I was always amazed how a week felt when we lived in Saudi Arabia. Since the weekend is on Thursday and Friday the children went to school and the husband went to work on Saturday and Sunday, that was a given. Come Monday you thought: Oh, halfway there! And on Wednesday it was: TGIW – the weekend can start! As a result, weeks felt a lot shorter and were rushing by. Which of course, they objectively went not faster than anywhere else but it made me experience the relativity of time (in a trivial way).

Linked to the Ragtag Daily Prompt: Week.

3 thoughts on “Time is relative

  1. Temporal rhythms can be weird to adapt to, at first; that’s for SURE. Sometimes, though, time stands still and your TGIW never rolls around. That was my theme this morning.
    Thanks for sharing your world experience!

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    1. It’s totally messed up for people (aka: men) working in an international setting: You have the time difference if dealing with the US or with Australia, you can’t reach anyone on Saturday and Sunday and you can’t be reached on Thursday or Friday. You can do your own calculations regarding productivity. 🙂

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